Welcome to the World of Jatraverse

A complete digital universe filled with fascinating creatures, monsters, stories, games, activities, interactive platforms, events and experiences, all of which connect to the real world.

The trading card you’ve received is the key to access this digital universe. So keep it safely.

This is a universe where all our fans from all parts of the world can come and unite. This is a universe created for all kinds of creative people, including cosplayers, artists, artisans, gamers, animators, designers, and for anyone else in the pop-culture spectrum. This is a universe for the future. This is Jatraverse.

In our first sneak peek into the Jatraverse universe we find ourselves with these 10 monsters. The mystery is all about what they are and where they came from. All we know is that they’re from a different universe, and they’re out to create a new world order. So stay put, because we need your help to find out.